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Welcome to Powerball Kracht (Power).

Gayle Mahulettethe

In Powerball Kracht you can buy the power balls and it's accessories. This is nice as a gift or for yourself to train.

Do you know Gayle Mahulettethe, the Dutch badminton champion in the year 2014 and 2017, and second in the years 2015 and 2016 at the women's singles, trains with a powerball as wel? In this photo she shows the Powerball Supernova. When you rotating fast enough, it will give light.



What is a Powerball ball?

When you look at the powerball, it looks like a fun toy, but in fact it's a gadget, whats designed in 1973 to allow to train astronauts in space. In 1994 it came this product to Europe.

You can train your arm, leg and shoulder muscles with exercise. By moving the powerball you train your muscles. Which muscles you train depends on the way you use the powerball. This makes it ideally suited to tackle RSI and CTS.

Inside the powerball there is a rotor (gyro). How faster it is spinning how heavier you're training.




How gets a Powerball its force?

In the Powerball contains a rotor which hydrate to a shaft, while this shaft perpendicular to said first motion rotates in the interior of the Powerball. By moving the Powerball faster and faster the rotor will make more speed. And the more speed makes the powerball, the stronger the force developed.

This is also heard as "whining." This sound motivates many people to move the powerball even faster. Those who like a real 'cry' wants to hear, can choose the Powerball Sound. But you can also go for looks or for the extras.



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